Allentown Business Community Association

2019 Membership Application

The deadline for inclusion on our website is March 31, 2019. Payment and information MUST be received by this date.

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As an active member of the ABCA you are entitled to a FREE spot at the Annual Allentown Fall Festival and Spring Stroll. To be considered an active participating member, you must attend TWO or more general meetings and be an active volunteer on a committee (such as Fall Festival, Holiday Celebration, town parades, etc). If you are not an active member, you will be charged $100 for a space on Main St. See p3. For Opportunities.

One goal of the Annual Allentown Fall Festival is to generate more traffic to our local businesses so we can grow and thrive as a community. Securing your spot at the Fall Festival is a great opportunity to network and share you service, trade or skill. All businesses must sell or promote their own business or service. Subletting your space is not allowed. Please email for official rules and information. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to be more active in the community. Again, simply attend TWO or more general meetings and volunteer on 1 committee and you will enjoy a space at our 2019 Fall Festival FREE. Please return this with your ABCA application.

Questions? Feel free to email the Fall Festival Committee at